Nimmetry is your path to effective data integrations

Meet your needs effectively, efficiently & adequately

  • Robotic Process Automation / IoT Integration
  • Hybrid Cloud Migration (On-Premise to Cloud, Cloud to On-Premise, Cloud to Cloud)
  • Enterprise Data Integration (Data warehouse, Operational data stores)
  • Data Consolidation / Archival (Data Lake, Data Archival Zone)
  • Simplify master Data Management by focusing on domain critical elements
  • Legacy Application Migration (IBM DB2 on AIX to Cloud or On-Premise RDBMS / Data Stores & RDBMS / Data Stores to Hadoop etc.)

Beat the Market


Faster Reduced Timeline

  • Deep Connectivity enables quick interface development by reducing complexity
  • Development of a new integration is as quick as 1 to 2 day(s).
  • Zero learning curve with simple UI imparts Do it Yourself capabilities

Lower Technical Debt

  • Data flows through a unified platform irrespective of the source and destination giving greater control over data flow.
  • Monitoring dashboards for production environment
  • Auto-notifications in cases of production failure
  • Reusable Integrations

Lower Ownership Cost

  • Simplified pricing models result in lower ownership cost
  • Zero investment in specialized developers and operational costs of multiple technologies

Faster Performance to Load Data

  • Microservices architecture helps scale each tier individually as opposed to traditional monolithic architecture with vertical scaling
  • Embarrassingly parallel processing
  • Out of the box support for modified data capture at source

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