Key Features

Deep Connectivity

Deep connectivity & Automated Integration of source changes into Target

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Varied Endpoints

Varied end points including Cloud, On-premise, Formal & Informal Systems

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Analytics Ready

Out of the box denormalized & Analytics ready Information Model

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Container Based

Highly available & Fault tolerant with build once and run anywhere architecture.

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Microservices Architecture

Optimized for performance & Extreme scalability with minimal footprint

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Build Smart Connections

Know-it-all connector

Nimmetry connection are built with deep knowledge of the source endpoint's meta data so that structural changes from source to target is automated and hassle free.

A connector equipped with the knowledge of source data structures & their relationships enables loads that are aware of information models serving analytics ready data. This is also enhanced by the capability to enumerate data and look-up fields and the ability to filter data from the source to produce desired loads.

Nimmetry offers out of the box support for source-data filtering, incremental loads and analytics ready data so that your connection are doing the thinking for you.


Choose what to connect

Varied endpoints

Nimmetry offers varied endpoints to get the most out of your integrated data network.

Our diversified integrations enable

  • Sinking data into heterogeneous data Stores (data warehouses, operational data stores, dat lakes etc. LDW)
  • Extracting data from premier PaaS and SaaS applications.‚Äč
  • Managing data from generic REST and SOAP APIs as well as files in various formats.
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Get your data, the way you want

Analytics ready information

Nimmetry enables information model aware data extraction from premier cloud systems so you spend less time organizing and more time deriving insights from quick analysis of your information.

Information model awareness results in laser focus on domain critical elements for faster analysis and data made readily available for out of the box analytics like Tableau, PowerBI and more.


Build once run anywhere

Container based deployments

Nimmetry uses docker container to package our application into standardized units for development, shipment and deployment so we can build once and you can run anywhere.

This means that you don't feel locked in and are free to run the application on-prem or in cloud (with various vendors like Google Compute, AWS, Azure and many more). We also support container orchestration using Kubernetes for dynamic workload management.


Microservices Architecture

Tier based efficiency

An architecture that separates concerns at each level of an n-Tiered architecture makes way for efficient processing and scaling each tier of the application individually on need basis without any interdependencies.

  • Unified REST API: External schedulers use the same API as application's own schedulers

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