How it Works?

Define Endpoints

Nimmetry is light-weight, self-contained, autonomous and intelligent. It works with ease with any on-premise, cloud or multi-cloud solution.

Connecting with Nimmetry is as easy as typing the source and target endpoints and submitting the credentials.

Integrate Endpoints

Nimmetry provides out of the box integration solutions. Connects to isolated data sources and allows universal integration.

Data Integration

Integration process allows user extract data from source, rename columns, perform data filtering, data enrichment and quality checks.

Information Model Integration

Nimmetry's information model auto-suggest correlated tables or objects for extraction. It generates denormalized fact table, along with normalized tables. and provide snapshot capability for purpose of archiving.


No more ETL, use Nimmetry to not just rapidly build analytic pipelines over the largest volumes of data but also automate incremental data imports from your databases and the transformation of single data sets or a series of connected data sets.

Use our scheduler or build your own. Nimmetry makes it easy for data analysts to schedule the data pipeline (integration, transformation, export) with our robust job scheduling and monitoring features.


Need Support ?

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