Inline Data Quality Checking with Data Integration

Performing data quality checks can be a tough knot to resolve especially if there is an inability to define the data quality requirements. It worsens when there is no holistic view of the data quality index of critical information flow from different applications.

To absolve this issue, Nimmetry provides an inline data quality framework with the ability to define data quality rules and profiles at the granular level. Every connector from Nimmetry provides out-of-the-box data quality rules that can be either used as it is or modified according to customer’s requirements.

Feels like you are left behind?

Increasing volume & velocity of data brings a demand of high data quality checks. The paradigm shift in data integration, reporting, business intelligence and move to Machine learning & AI driven businesses have only made these demands a need of today.

Incurring huge cost by not performing data profiling in the early stages of data ingestion

Inability to clearly define most critical data elements to enforce good enough data quality requirements

Moving from truth based sematic model to trust based semantic model

Get ahead with Nimmetry Data Integrator


Work Realtime

Data quality check can be enabled real time while data is ingested from Sources to Targets. There is no after-thought process

Data Quality Dashboard

Data Quality dashboards provides an aggregated snapshot of all data quality indexes with an ability to drill down at column level.

Define Criticality

Ability to define the criticality of data elements (High, Medium, Low)

Configure it your Way

Ability to configure Data Quality Suites from most restrictive to good-enough data quality requirements


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